Healing Garden


Places to Relax and Contemplate.

Aim: Assist healing physical and mental health of all clients. To relieve stress and anxiety and provide refreshment for the soul/spirit.

Natural Pathways offers a wide range of therapies to cater for individual needs.  Practitioners and Natural Therapists offer individuals and groups a holistic and integrated approach to health care, enriching and healing towards a fulfilled life. Clients are encouraged to explore the healing garden. Ever changing, the garden has been planned to create awareness of our connection with nature.

Our food – the vegetable garden is established and thriving and encourages healthy eating. More herbal plantings are planned, not only for culinary needs but also recognising medicinal herbs and teas to refresh and heal.

Awareness and appreciation of nature, the catalyst – stimulating the senses:
Smell – the healing power of scent – from exotic flower to tomato bush.
Sight – plant groupings for colour combinations, shape and structure – mood creating.
Vista – changing rooms of nature, some with views of the Dandenong Ranges through the trees.
Sound – running water at the pond. Listen to the wind in the grasses, shrubs and trees.
Touch – textures of barks and seed pods, qualities of plants – smooth, silky, prickly, sticky.

Many solace spaces within the garden for reflection and contemplation. Stimulation of the senses helps to improve awareness (of self and spirit). The therapeutic response from self, as the senses are awakened, assist realization of connection and identity.

Many native plants attract birds – colour/noise/activity…..….life. Clients parking in the rear car park will walk past the native garden and small double ponds to approach the centre. The pond and garden attract many bird varieties including Gang Gang Cockatoo, Wood Duck, Kookaburra, Ravens, Parrots, Tawny Frog Mouth, with honey eating birds and others attracted by Callistemon/blue berry ash/flowering gum/banksias/Grevillea etc. Listen closely for the croak of little native frogs.

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